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Rising Rapper Ice Spice Schools Ben Affleck in New Dunkin' Ad

During the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards aired on Tuesday (Sept. 12), a Dunkin' commercial was showcased that featured an interaction between the rising rap sensation, Ice Spice, and Oscar-winning actor, Ben Affleck. Affleck, in the ad, portrays himself as Dunkin's brand ambassador, referring to a previous Super Bowl ad in 2023 where he worked a drive-thru window, expressing his love for the brand.

In this ad, Affleck, with his distinct Boston accent, consults with Ice Spice to come up with a drink name that resonates with the younger generation. Despite his confusion about Ice Spice's fanbase's name, "Munchkins", and her suggestion for a "Ice ... Spice … Munchkins drink?", the two engage in a playful banter.

Ice Spice expressed her excitement about the collaboration, mentioning that the drink will be a treat for her fans. Jill McVicar Nelson, Dunkin's chief marketing officer, announced the outcome of this collaboration: The Ice Spice MUNCHKINS® Drink. This new beverage blends pumpkin-flavored Munchkin doughnuts with Dunkin’s frozen coffee, topped with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle. This marks the first time Dunkin' has mixed one of its doughnuts with its frozen drinks.

Apart from this ad, to promote the collaboration, Ice Spice unveiled an exquisite diamond necklace spelling “munchkins” designed by Eliantte. Comprising over 80 carats of diamonds and a chain of 14k white and rose gold, the necklace was confirmed by the brand to be worn by Ice Spice at the MTV awards, where she's up for best new artist and push performance of the year for “Princess Diana”.

Check out the Dunkin’ commercial featuring Ice Spice and Ben Affleck.

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