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"Feel the West Coast Vibe: Dex Aint Dead Unleashes His Latest "Still Be Friends" Remix"

Dex Aint Dead just dropped his new remix of "Still Be Friends" by G-Eazy featuring Tory Lanez and Tyga. This remix amplifies the West Coast hip-hop sound and adds a new level of energy to the already high-spirited record. The song explores the theme of friends with benefits and is available for free download on Dex Aint Dead's music page.

Dex Aint Dead is an open-format DJ and producer who is now dedicating more time to creating bootleg remixes of popular tracks. As an open-format artist, he has the versatility and skillset to blend different genres, making his remixes unique and exciting. His latest remix of "Still Be Friends" is a testament to his production skills and his ability to bring a fresh take on a popular song.

In the world of hip-hop music, remixes play a crucial role. They bring new life to a record and often become a staple in the club scene. A well-crafted remix can introduce a new audience to the original track and help it reach new heights. Dex Aint Dead's bootleg remixes add a new dimension to the songs he remixes and keep the music fresh and relevant.

With his passion for music and his commitment to delivering high-quality remixes, Dex Aint Dead is quickly becoming a sought-after artist in the hip-hop community. Whether he's behind the decks or in the studio, he continues to bring his unique style and energy to the music he creates.

Listen to remix now on Dex Aint Dead's music page HERE

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