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Real Photography Plus A.I. Re-Creating Old Photos Into New Works By Dex Hobbes

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

A.I is a powerful tool that has been creating mixed feelings amongst many in the creative space. We can fear the technology and conspire that Skynet and iRobot like evil will be the end result, but what can you really do about it? Nothing, but get on the bandwagon.

As a life long creator I only embrace what I can not stop. So why not find a way to create harmony between the human and artificial brains. I did. The picture you see here is one of the first Models I took a photo of. I was in a studio in New York City and I wanted to capture what goes on behind the shoots. I wanted the details of the studio in the image. This picture has always been a favorite and has even been printed and mounted on walls of my past homes. However 10 years later A.I has given me the ability to remake this old photo.

However do not be fooled. This is not some easy shortcut to being creative. It takes much thinking and planing and at times can be difficult, and often gives you results you don't want. Which makes me feel better about the technology. The useful skillsets lie in being able to prompt the technology properly, and manually have the ability to fix and adjust the mistakes and misunderstandings to the best of your ability.

The GPS replaced paper maps, and just because you use one does not mean you don't know where you are going. It just means you appreciate the ability to travel more efficiently and get from point A to B faster.

Thats how I view A.I for the time being. I had to take this original picture of Maddie and import it into lightroom and mask all the areas on the sides and between her legs where you can see the backdrop. I then brought the exposure and blacks all the way down to create an entirely black background.

Afterwards I imported the image into photoshop from lightroom using the Command+E shortcut and select "Edit with lightroom adjustments".

Once the image is in photoshop I begin masking and visualizing elements and try to figure out the language needed to create what I want. There is a lot of trial and error when prompting the A.I. so this does require a bit of patience and problem solving but eventually you will create something you like. I wont show the whole process here but I will be releasing some instructional videos soon how to do such. Subscribe my site to receive updates and announcements on new courses and opportunities.

In the end combining years of editing skill, and photography with the new accessibility of A.I can lead to new really cool works of art, and creative ideas for campaigns. I present to you. "Girl with Dog, Same Ol' Song."

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