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D.A.D Agency & Design seeking new faces for the Rise of Hip and Bone

There are brands that come and go, and then there are those that etch an indelible mark on the world of fashion. Meet Hip and Bone, the sartorial magic wand for the modern man that has effortlessly revived and redefined wardrobe basics.

The Basics, but Make It Luxe

What truly makes Hip and Bone stand out in the vast sea of men’s fashion is their intriguing blend of luxury with casual silhouettes. Imagine sliding into an attire that is effortlessly chic, luxurious to the touch, yet laid-back enough for your daily soiree. This brand promises just that – luxury that endures the ever-changing whims of fashion.

While most contemporary brands have been engaged in a battle of outdoing one another with louder prints and bolder designs, Hip and Bone took a refreshingly different route. Their collections speak of an understanding of the external aesthetics that a man seeks. The wardrobe choices aren't just clothes; they are understated standouts, effortlessly setting a gold standard in the contemporary sportswear niche.

The Craftsmen Behind the Magic

The brains behind this unique sartorial experience are none other than the dynamic duo, Carlos Fogelman & Jeffrey Rosen. Back in 2010, they combined their profound textile knowledge and a shared passion for functionally elegant designs to birth Hip and Bone. Their mission? To translate the concept of “hip” into an elegance that doesn't just skim the surface but resonates deep within, down to the very bone.

Their relentless dedication shines through every garment. From meticulous sourcing of the finest materials like exotic skins, superior pima cottons, linens, and avant-garde tech fabrics to an obsessive attention to design details, they have left no stone unturned. The brand’s mantra is clear - quality trumps quantity, always.

Celebrity Seal of Approval

A testament to their unparalleled excellence is the array of high-profile celebrities often spotted donning Hip and Bone. MALUMA, J BALVIN, KANYE WEST, RYAN GOSLING, and JUSTIN BIEBER are just a few names in their illustrious list of brand aficionados.

The Miami Chapter

In a thrilling new collaboration, D.A.D Agency & Design and Miami’s renowned Sneak Peek Luxury boutique are on a mission to scout influencers and ambassadors to partner with Hip and Bone. And guess what? Miami's famed photographer, Dex Hobbes, is all set to curate an exclusive collection, capturing the spirit of Miami locals with the brand's essence. Plus, special care packages await models, talent, and stylists.

If you believe in the power of timeless elegance and wish to be part of this iconic journey, now’s your chance.

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