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My letter to you...

Twenty years of life is meaningful when you are a DJ. You have the ability to replay a period of time through sound and music. You can inspire a mindset on demand. You can link and trace back to a time in your life and keep the memory strong. Music was a guide to how you planned your travels. What journeys you were going to take, and all that you can wish for. Music is how we share perspective, and create sudden bursts of inspiration. Music is how we stay on track, and even how push all the way through. 


Photography is stunning. Photography has the ability to not move, or make a sound and create absolute silence around it. It is a record and account. A photo can say a thousand words. A photo is a replay open for interpretation. You only know what you can see. Sometimes we look again and our perspective changes. New questions arise. What is the story behind this moment?

Together music and photography has continually shaped who I am, and it continues to do such. It has allowed me to keep living and evolving. I am finally able to tell the stories and recreate those moments and those vibes. So thank you for the continued support as we build something great together, as we continue to re-invent our culture.

-Dex Hobbes, Dexrayvision, TwistedDex, DripNinja Dex, Dex Oliver Hobbes, and finally DEX AINT DEAD

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